What is the reason for the rapid damage of the drawing die?
The quality factors of its own processing lead to rapid wear of the mold:
1. The wire drawing die blank and the die steel sleeve are not symmetrically inlaid, and the inlaid cemented carbide steel sleeve is unevenly distributed and there are gaps, which simply cause U-shaped cracks in the wire drawing process of the die.
2. During the laser drilling process of the diamond die blank, unclean sintering marks or uneven force will cause the diamond mold to show pits during the drawing process.
3. Unreasonable die hole planning, too small openings in the smooth area of the inlet, and too long sizing belts will cause poor smoothness during the drawing process, resulting in accelerated wear of the drawing die and even chipping.
How to distinguish the quality of wire drawing die products?

When buying a drawing die, we always expect that the product we buy is the best, and it is best if there are no defects, so we must learn to analyze the quality of a drawing die, and only look at it. , You can choose the most suitable drawing die for yourself. From the perspective of price, the price of natural diamond wire drawing dies must be more expensive, but it is more expensive, because this type of wire drawing dies themselves are more complicated in processing. Of that kind. The natural diamond wire drawing die has very high-quality hardness, but it is easy to cause conflicts, so this type of wire drawing die can only be used on some materials with relatively small diameters, but its wear resistance is the best. There is also a cemented carbide die. The hardness of this film is relatively low, and the appearance is not very rough, but its wear resistance is relatively poor, and its hardness is relatively low, usually it is still not recommended to choose Purchased. Choosing a wire drawing die is like choosing an explosion-proof electric heater. You have to be very careful. Only after you pay attention to it, it will give you a centering.


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